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In The Darkness Before The Dawn

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

There is nothing Safe Current Electric can do to dissolve the pandemic of COVID-19 except to be mindful of the situation as we continue doing business.

However, there is some hope when the lights stay on, people can use a computer, charge their batteries, wash clothes, run water pumps for house water, prepare and cook food, and run hot water. There is some stability that remains when the AC works, checkout stations at the stores work, hospitals have power to take care of patients, and the street lights still come on at night. This is why electrical work has obviously made the essential list of work that has not totally shut down at this time. Even so, the best light and power we can keep going is the calm you feel before the rising sun of a new day. It is a strange and unique period to experience right now with lots of different perspectives to consider, but, for me, those many perspectives are all relative to the place you choose to use a flashlight in the dark. The corona virus is a force out there that you can not see and really do not want to come in contact with. It reminds me of something I work with every day...electricity.

Electricity is not something you see, and usually is not desirable to feel...yet it is something you know is there ready to do something. While the COVID-19 may not be essential for any of us (again, depending on your perspective), electricity is essential and dangerous all at the same time. Understanding the right precautions to build an electrical distribution system is what makes the end result of electrical service so pleasant, useful, and safe for people to use. It is one thing I am not so much in the dark about. This brings me back to the simple point of this some point you may very much need an electrician at your home or business and Safe Current Electric is here to help you even in the darkness before the dawn. Yes, we are taking precautions during this shutdown, and if you ever feel we need to take more at your home or business...just let us is not a problem.

If you are getting restless and into a project at home, or have the motivation to be messing with electricity in the near future, please consider contacting a professional to help you have a pleasant and successful experience with your endeavors. Of course, if you are needing an electrical inspection, evaluation, or any kind of an electrician you can trust and feel safe with.

I wish all my neighbors a good and near delivery of this mess we have been dealt...until then take care, call Safe Current Electric if you need some help.

~ Nathan Speir

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