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What is Safe Current?

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Every business has it's pros and cons. Not every business has an underlying mindset, at least on purpose. For the businesses that do build on an ethos, they are often built by people that are living on purpose. Safe Current Electric LLC is a business name that carries an underlying mindset. It is a business created on purpose that deserves a moment to be understood. That is why taking a few moments to describe this business name is a great place to start Safe Current Electric's first blog entry. Before I go on though, I will say for the record, I understand if you are not interested in this kind of stuff and just need a good dependable electrician....the bottom line, before you get to the end of this little write up...I understand.

One of the common trends in a trade industry is the battle between efficiency and much money can a guy make for so little of work? Actually, it is a secular temptation that lingers in almost any industry. As a result, the quality, integrity, and safety of a job can be easily compromised when us imperfect people give into that kind of temptation. Part of the safe in Safe Current Electric is about the mindfulness and watchfulness we believe is essential in the trade work we do as electricians. When a tradesman is mindful of his work, he cares about it more, he sees his mistakes and corrects them before it is too late, and at the end of his job, he has added greater value to his job because it doesn't just radiates quality and value. Electricity is an invisible force, and for most of us, as consumers, it either works or it does not. Nonetheless, all the steps an electrician takes to keep a safe path for electricity to continue running to its intended place of use is the majority of his job that will ultimately determine just how safe he was and how long will his handy work endure. So the safe in Safe Current Electric carries a deeper meaning than avoiding on the job injuries; it describes my formula for good electrical work: real awareness, knowledge, and skills of an electrician on every job.

What about current? For me, as an electrician, it has several obvious connotations that all fit what I am trying to say about my service company. However, assuming that anyone else shares the same perspectives as me is the last thing I want to do. Current, for one is a property of electricity that anything electrical consumes, and it is also the property of electricity that kills people. So first and foremost, having safe electrical current in your home or business is the first image that I hope always comes to mind when you read safe current. There is a similar connotation to the flow of water and current. In fact, I even incorporated some of this analogy in the logo of a power cord that looks quite like a dragonfly. You usually don't see a dragonfly by water flowing out of control in the Grand Rapids. The logo also depicts a power cord that is maybe not a dragonfly but a power cord safe from water itself...which usually does not mix well with electricity. Finally, current is also, in our English language, a word that is a synonym of modern, and that is also a relevant term to my mindset of electrical work. What I mean by that is that just because "we always did it that way" does not mean that it is always going to be the best way. Being open to change, learning more, find better ways to do electrical work for myself and others is what separates a stale established business from a relevant and growing business like Safe Current Electric.

Thanks so much for reading through this article today. I would like to share some tips in the future and look forward to serving you the best that I can. I would love to hear from you. When you need some some help with your electricity, please keep Safe Current Electric LLC in mind.

~ Nathan Speir

Owner / Operator


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